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Let me introduce you to the Leaders in the following industries:

Now You have a Friend in the Business!

Phil Adamo Associates is comprised of high-level business owners and leaders that are dependable, trustworthy, and have a proven track record of success. My services to you are totally free of charge. I get paid by the companies I recommend, after finding out exactly what you need and in Industries where every situation is unique, you will be delighted of the outcome when you contact me.


As an Ad Executive with over 30 years experience I have personal relationships with some of the brightest minds in the advertising world. I know how to match your company with the perfect advertising company depending on your product, service and budget.

Though I own and operate my own advertising & marketing agency called South Florida Marketing, I only accept clients within my realm of expertise, you may require other advertising, public relations, or marketing guidance from some of my many contacts in the business. You can visit us online at http://www.southfloridamarketing.com.


I will personally introduce you to the best commercial elevator service firms in New York, Florida and Internationally. You won't be just a number. You will be taken care of, and guided by my consultant who knows exactly what you really need.... Not some salesperson looking to make commissions. You will also find out the truth in what was necessary and what was done to inflate your costs!..You will never make another decision again without getting the facts from my personal consultant who started out in the elevator shaft as a young man over 30 years ago,performing hundreds of repairs and modernizations in state of the art elevator systems.


A salesman told you that you need a new air conditioning or HVAC system installed?...or require costly maintenance on an existing system in your building located in The New York City /Long Island area? Lets find out the truth first. You may be looking at saving a tremendous amount of money and avoid getting stuck with something that was not needed. I will personally introduce you to my HVAC consultant that has only your best interests in mind.


With dealings locally, nationally and internationally, I can sit you down with the top commercial real estate executives in America with over 30 years of proven success.. Get detailed reports and research vital to your commercial real estate decisions.


Stop! Use the Most Respected People in the Industry. I have a long-standing relationship with one of the top commercial insurance adjusting companies. The company is comprised of the most experienced and professional claims experts in the United States. When you have a loss, speak to Phil Adamo Associates first and we can get you in touch with the right team.


Time for a new Accountant? Tax time isn't the only time you might want to think about evaluating the relationship you have with your tax professional. Are you getting what you need? Could your CPA help you with much-needed tax planning rather than just the tax preparation process? I have relationships with some of the best boutique accounting firms in New York City. Let me introduce you to the right team that meets your needs.


Leasing deals below market value! We cut out the middle man! Any make or model! The Savings are insane! Do not lease another car until you speak with Phil Adamo Associates.

If you are an Executive or Business owner and are tired of hiring the wrong vendor.... You need to meet with me! If you can prove that you and your organization is as trustworthy and honest as my personal contacts, I am your Knight in Shining Armor!


Get in touch with the absolute best in yoga and physical fitness professionals in the South Florida area.


Phil Adamo
President & CEO
Tel: 646-220-4369
Email: philadamo.assoc@gmail.com
Web: http://www.philadamoassoc.com
Phil Adamo Associates
"Your Keys To Finding The Best Vendor To Serve Your Specific Needs"